Accumulating by spending


Qsak is a mobile application for individuals and companies.

Qsak will help individuals to get Cashback on their transactions, accumulate, spend, transfer or withdraw it any time they wish.

The companies will have an opportunity to enlarge the volume of sales and service, invite new customers and become available for all regardless of location and scope of the service.

For Individuals

  • Your Qsak is in Your pocket
    Add your phone number and create your Qsak.
  • Collect
    Receive cashback from each payment.
  • No need for credit cards and cash
    Forget about credit cards and cash.
  • Spend, transfer and make it cash
    Use your received cashback, transfer or make it cash any time.
  • Get informed
    Receive information about sales and services.

For Companies

  • Sale and Service
    Invite new customers and enlarge sale.
  • Savings
    Don't waste company funds on ineffecient ads.
  • Information
    Share with your Company's news and services.
  • Availability
    Your company will be on each cell phone.
  • Visit us!
    Select your company's address and invite new customers by "Visit us" tool.